Tanja Barnes


See Inside the Precious Moments Chapel in Virtual Reality

Visit the Precious Moments Chapel on Google Street View

The Precious Moments Chapel, fondly dubbed “America’s Sistine Chapel” by many, was created by Sam Butcher, the artist, and creator of the Precious Moments religious giftware company. The entire complex features artworks that depict stories from the Bible.

This virtual tour focuses on 15 stained glass window panels designed by Butcher that flank the chapel’s interior.  On the west side, the panels feature the artist’s interpretation of the Beatitudes and on the east, the 23 Psalms. Regarding VR photography, they were a challenge to shoot simply because of the various light sources that affected the color balance of the windows in relation to the ambient and artificial light of the space.  

The Precious Moments Chapel, located in Carthage, Missouri, is open to the public almost daily but be sure to check their website for details as the hours is seasonal.  Admission and tours are free.